Thursday, July 02, 2009

Fuck tha police

So the police do not believe I rammed the woman's car, but I got fined for not exchanging details. Apparently, it doesn't matter that she refused to take my number. I should have gone to every other car in the carpark asking whether anyone had a pen, and forced my details on her. Or something.

Basically, the woman went to the cops, claimed I rammed her twice and refused to give my details. Right. I was standing in the rain for my health, and apparently "just exchange fucking details, you cunt" doesn't count as giving your particulars under the act. I mean, why the fuck would I get a pen when she was sat there holding one? There's nothing I can do though. The law is written very broadly so that the police can just make it up as they go along. That this disgusting woman not only caused the accident but lied about it doesn't help me any. Oh well, soon I will be gone from this shithole and this will be just one more reason to hate Queensland, which I do, and to consider the police the enemy of the truth and morality, which I do.

Why did the police believe me and not her? Well, apart from that I was telling the truth, and police are used to distinguishing truth from lies, and use interview techniques to do it, they have photos of the damage. It quite clearly bears out my story. The car is dented at an angle: so it's obvious at a glance that she was moving when she was hit (the dent is not flat, as it would be if she was stationary, but angled, and the crumpling is greater at the front).

Unfortunately, the police will not put it in writing that they do not believe her. Officially, there are two sides to the story, and there is no evidence to proceed with. The constable said that they had decided very easily and quickly that there was no case to answer. Sigh. Now I have to hope that her insurance company investigates the claim and denies it. They have told me that if they find she has lied in her claim, that's what will happen.

I understand why she lied. She drove into the back of my car, and is well aware that morally, if not legally, she caused the accident. She probably wasn't sure how she stood under the law, so she made up a story that seemed more clearly to put her in the clear.

But see, I did nothing much wrong. You can certainly argue that it's unpleasant to abuse someone for not swapping their details and berating you instead, but the police should not be in the business of teaching me a moral lesson by fining me because they don't like that. I backed out of a parking space carefully and some stupid whore ran into my car. When I saw the notice in the newsletter I contacted the police straight away, and I have told nothing but the truth. I feel good about it, to be honest. Sometimes, shitty people do shitty things to you, and there's nothing you can do. You just brush yourself down and walk away. So that's it.


At 2:56 am, Blogger Looney said...

Not a big fan of the coppers myself. I have been a repeat offender, usually speeding (of course) over my time. I'm not the best driver. However, I've also received a few quite spurious tickets. But after the citation my wife received from a CHP twat here near our home, I've decided once and for all that the most traffic laws are a tax on the fast and the hurried. It's proof that the many of them, though maybe not all, are more interested in applying the letter of the law to increase their conviction rate (the quota they all deny) than they are in actually making the roads safer.

Twats, all of them...

At 9:27 pm, Blogger Father Luke said...

I think she worked for the rental
car company, and is upset she lost
her job.

- -
Father Luke
menabion <- for Looney.

At 1:55 pm, Blogger Looney said...

Awww, thanks! I forgot mine last time :-)


At 8:27 am, Blogger ProblemWithCaring said...

That bitch. Do like I do. Small fender bender with dumb ass old person = Hit and run.


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