Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I am tired of rules. I will have only one rule. Be who you are. That is what I'm interested in. Nothing else. And I will be who I am. That's not always huggable but I think it's more than most. If I didn't, I would be conforming. If I felt I had nothing better to offer, I would not be on offer.

I am tired of ideas. They weigh us down. We forget all too easily that actions speak louder than words. I know I do. I know I want those who know they forget it too to know me. I am kind enough to forget injured pride, harsh words, stupid things and remember that we only have each other between here and the void. I want those who are that kind to know me.

I am tired of trying to please, although I want to please. If I'm not pleasing, then maybe it's you who should relent, because I have a good heart, and I know I want to use it. Maybe you're the problem. And maybe I'm the reason your good heart is shrivelling too. I am unafraid of accepting that I am going wrong. I want those who are unafraid of accepting that to know me.

But those who will not; you are already perfect and do not need me. I wish you well on your way.


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