Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Zen entrances

I am a father of three.

It is what I will do and I will try to do it well. I had doubts that I could, that I would be equal to it, but when I see my children sleeping, I know that I will have love enough for three, the fierce manly love that unwords a man, even a man of words like me, the love I have had for Zenella since the day I first held her, and the love I feel for Naughtyman and Zenita, despite myself, all my cool, calculating cleverness dribbling away in helpless adoration.

I do not have any more to say about it. I am all talked out. The same story to family and friends: one, a boy, 6lbs7oz; two, a girl, 6lbs51/2oz. All well.


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