Wednesday, November 02, 2005

This beholder's eye

"Amazing! Astonishing! Still can't get over the fantastic idea that when you are looking at a girl, you are looking at somebody who is guaranteed to have on her--a cunt! They all have cunts! Right under their dresses! Cunts--for fucking!"

Are you beautiful?

Would you not be beautiful if the right person looked at you?

You think the thin woman is beautiful, but the thin woman does not have your smile. You think the curvy woman is beautiful, but the curvy woman does not toss her hair the way you toss yours. You think that beautiful is a commodity, which you can buy and sell, which is here today, gone tomorrow, but you don't know that your mother is still beautiful and your daughter will be once she has bloomed.

I love your big tits. I love your small tits. I love your big arse. I love your small arse. I love your hips like a boy's. I love your childbearing hips.

I love your lips. When they are kissing me. When they are telling me. How beautiful you feel. When I feel you are beautiful. To me.


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