Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Men among us

Men among us, who played alongside us in the street when we were boys. Men among us, who had jobs at the places we worked. Men among us, who were schooled in the schools we were schooled at.

Did I stand beside you at a game one time? Did I dance in a nightclub you once visited?

Men among us want to kill us. Sometimes I hate the things we worship too. Sometimes I can understand that tearing it down, and starting again, has an attraction that is so seductive you can put aside reason. I see the waste, the citadels of greed, the vain, emptyheaded grasping cheats, ready to sell anything and hold nothing dear.

But it is a sunny day. A mother is holding the hand of her child, seeing it safely across a busy street. There is a smell of coffee in the air, a hint of vanilla. There is the bustle of millions of feet on the pavement, millions of voices in the air. You have to find a way not to hate it, not to hate us; we are men like you, reaching for our own paradises, living in a world that is ugly and strange but it's all we have. Man, it's all we have.


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