Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Sometimes the sound of children laughing
in the distance is a clock ticking
and I am feeling shivers
someone stamping on my grave,
and arguing that this is what I was,
and this is what I gave.

And we are living on a planet
that never stops spinning
If you spend too long on what you lose
You are never winning

And we are tiny points of light
dancing in a void


Obv. that wasn't all I have. I have tons more shit. blah blah blah until I'm as sick of it as you are.


Monday, November 12, 2007

Waterfall babble

I still want to touch you
feel your life move
cell by cell
under my fingers

your perfume
and the waterfall babble
of your laugh
still fill the room
no one is gone
who remains


Thursday, November 08, 2007

Torture state

Does anyone, this side of the truly deluded -- really believe Olbermann is wrong?

I'm a blame-America-firster, I admit it. Because it has so often been to blame. It's done some really shit things, caused a lot of misery and pain.

But I wish I couldn't say that America tortures. I truly do. Because there are decent Americans, not necessarily clear on their nation's past, not sure who did what, when, who are now citizens of a pariah state. Yeah, our governments will pretend, our businesses will trade with them, but we all know it.

And before you complain that it's out of your hands, remember, you can demand change. You have streets to march on. You have phones you can use to ring your representatives and demand that you stop being a nation that tortures.

And for fuck's sake, at least vote Democrat next time. Don't make the same mistake for the third time.

Sunday, November 04, 2007


LOLZen. Particularly good given the subject matter of the second post.


I iz a uncle. My sister S has had a daughter, L. When I think about S, I picture her as a child, the beautiful little girl that I loved fiercely then, and still love just as much, so it's beyond weird to think of her as a mother.

I know some people drift apart from their siblings, or even flat dislike them, but I find that difficult to understand. I am very close to my sisters. It helps that they are both good people, but the bond we formed as kids, running around the beach and fields of our home town, would be strong enough to survive a lot of bad.

So I have another person in this world to cherish, and that's a wonderful thing. And of course I am glad that S has survived childbirth, because so far away, the small chance that she might not readily became a looming monster to fear. She is well, and I'm told the baby is perfect. No surprise. S is not the kind of woman to allow anything but a lovely child emerge.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

What r bored with torture?

Just in case you were in any doubt that waterboarding is torture -- and if you follow the news, you'll know that some on the right are trying to claim it is not, this should fix you. I warn you not to read it just after or just before eating, unless you have a strong stomach.

Americans, this is what you do. YOU. Not some shitty thirdworld banana republic. Your nation.

And his third point is the hardest to take. We legitimise all those shitty thirdworld banana republics. When we say this is okay by us, we say it's okay for them too. We do not work to a different standard. It's not torture if they do it, and a harsh interrogation if we do, whatever Rudy Giuliani thinks (this is his line on it, unbelievably, and I have to say if any of you fuckers vote Giuliani... well, grrr, innit).