Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Hold still for your raping, thanks

Why did the corporate elites allow a man whom the right accuse of being a "liberal" and a "progressive" take the White House? Here's why.

Obama is Chicago School tip to toe. He is not in the job to benefit the people. The Chicago School thinks people are just inputs, creating wealth for the rich to syphon into their bank accounts. Yeah, he probably gets a bit weepy when he reads about the poor, but he's certainly not going to be in the business of redistributing much if any income their way, whatever the right says. That's not what he's there for.

Well, this is obvious. Corporations don't pay political donations to buy populist policies. What they want is for the financial system, buckling after a couple of decades of sustained rapine, to be patched up and kept going so that they can loot more value, until finally it is worn out. When that happens, they'll simply find another paradigm. Capitalism has been pretty good, much more efficient than feudalism for instance (although feudalism might well have worked just as well given the information and technical advances of the past three centuries).

Check out the quote from Geithner in that piece.

We have a financial system that is run by private shareholders, managed by private institutions, and we'd like to do our best to preserve that system.

Why? No one asks why. What is the benefit to most of us of continued private ownership of the financial system? I doubt any of those who read this blog and think that capitalism is the bomb could even begin to answer that question. I'll save them the effort. The answer is there is no benefit to us. Geithner is not serving us. He knows who his masters are, and it's not we the people.


At 9:38 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

boots sez:

"He knows who his masters are, and it's not we the people."

"we the people"?

Aren't you a UK-cit living in AU, Zen?

What the fuck do you know about "we the people"?

Have you ever even been to America? Have you lived here?

I doubt it. Yet you do your best to rag it to death, apparently as part of your efforts to work with Chairman Mao and bring the Great Revolution to fruition.

Fucksake man, America is a republic. It wasn't established as a democracy. We've no parlaiment, no vote-of-confidence. The country tries to run on a system of greed and self-interest behind a facade called "capitalism".

Those who have been elected by the popularity committee are in office to serve themselves. The principle of a representative democracy, see, is that people chose those they have been given to believe are most like themselves, and then set them loose for an elected term. The theory is that their representatives are tokens "representative" of themselves.

We're fucking lucky we don't have a President Palin right now, given the number of ignorant selfish gun-toters in the country.

And you're all, like, offended because none of our representatives act like Jeebus. Fucksake man, don't act the naif.

Obama is in office to serve the country yes, but he will first and foremost serve Obama. If we're fortunate when there's a conflict he'll try to stand back and be objective.

There's been a worldwide outcry against protectionism. I wonder why that might be. Could it be that US Secretary Of State Hilary Clinton has been outspoken in favor of increased import tariffs? No, goodness, all those other countries are strictly altruistic.

Tariffs will not begin to fix the problems. If the US underwent an 8-year period of strict isolationism, and I mean strict isolationism, we might have a chance to fix our country a bit, perhaps to the point at which we could resume trade with others. It won't happen, it'll never happen.

Be glad, very glad, there's not a world war going on Zen. There are too many nukes and too few cool heads.


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