Wednesday, January 28, 2009


My finger feels twisted when I touch it, but it doesn't hurt. Sometimes when I think about how there are bones beneath my skin, I feel scared. I think about the Elizabethans, who would keep a skull on their desk as a memento mori, and I ask myself why the fuck you'd want reminding that you're going to die.


I was going to write more, but all it is is blah blah blah. I am considering the mystery of why when I type finger, I without fail spell it giner. This is the most interesting thing about me today.


At 10:55 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

boots sez:

"... I ask myself why the fuck you'd want reminding that you're going to die.

Those who forget that there's a door can remain trapped forever in a chamber of misery. Dead men however, and those who know they are doomed to die, are free to go outside and play.

"This is the most interesting thing about me today."

The old chinese curse "may you live in interesting times" is not without some reason.

May your day be most boring.

May this comment be the most annoying thing you encounter today. <g>

At 6:27 am, Anonymous High_in_the_Sky said...

Was it Edward Kelly or John Dee who started that Elizabethan craze for skulls? Charlatans, either way. It hasn't died out either. Thomas Noy is reputed to have taken the lower jawbone of Maurice Wilson from Everest to keep on his desk for inspiration. And there is another unsubstantiated rumour that Jean Paul Sartre kept the pickled vagina of Mata Hari in his study to help him through literary dry spells.

Me, I've just got the shriveled corpse of a mouse which hid from the cats for too long. And I can't say it's particularly inspirational either.

At 4:06 pm, Blogger Looney said...

Like or not, the gatekeeper is part of the free market. You do have the same opportunity to run up against the gatekeepers and try to punch a way through. How is that unfair?

At 4:08 pm, Blogger Dr Zen said...

Please try not to be completely clueless. Clearly my point is that a market with restricted entry is not free. Restricting it to all doesn't make it any freer.

At 5:19 pm, Blogger Looney said...

I might call you clueless, dude. The point at which it's restricted is beyond the point at which you begin to participate. You're free to hawk your wares to anyone with the resources for distribution. That they choose not to is an exercise of their freedom. That doesn't prevent it from being a free market. That might prevent you from achieving a particular level of benefit you might feel you deserve. Free isn't "without cost." Free means if you have something of value to put into the marketplace, you can do so. The marketplace can tell you to piss off, and likely has, as it has me and probably most of your readers at one point or another, but that doesn't prevent your participation, just the level of your benefit.

How in the fuck did I get this into the wrong comment slot? Ah, well, ought to slow down now and then.

Anyway, here's hoping you do benefit more than you have. I think you underestimate your gift.

Hope your giner gets better too. Boy, that is easier to type.

I think from now on I'll end my posts with the nonsense word I have to type to comment :-)


At 5:24 pm, Blogger Dr Zen said...

Dude, you are so wrong that it's laughable. This particular marketplace has high barriers to entry. Know what those are? Know why they make a mockery of your ideology? You don't even get to enter the market, and that's precisely because "the point at which it's restricted is beyond the point at which you begin to participate". So how is the market free? You cannot even enter it!

You know, if you were capable of grasping this (reasonably easy) concept, you would leave the darkside for good. You are too decent a person to maintain rightist politics once you get how hollow the freedom you worship is.

At 12:53 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

boots sez:

"This particular marketplace has high barriers to entry."

Okay, I'm lost, what "particular marketplace" are you referring to?


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