Tuesday, January 20, 2009

In the Citeh

Did Citeh pick Kaka because they knew he would likely be unavailable but didn't want to go for someone obviously unavailable, like Messi, so that the fans would feel they had ambition? My theory is that that's precisely what they did, because they want to build a team, not acquire a bunch of galacticos. This story hints at it. I dunno though. Hughes has never struck me as that astute. His buys certainly haven't been: Bellamy is super bad for that money, not quite as fast as he used to be, and never that good a player outside of being fast, and here he would definitely have done better to spend more on a better player--Villa springs to mind; de Jong is workmanlike and I don't think he will excel in the Premiership; Bridge is meh at best. And those he's after are not much better: Roque Santa Cruz had one good season but is not going to set Citeh on fire; Scott Parker has had his limitations thoroughly exposed; Shay Given is a decent keeper but there are good reasons he has not been snapped up by a big team; Winston Palacios is absurdly overpriced.


At 3:47 am, Blogger Looney said...

Whatever the reason, whatever the motive, it's good for football that it didn't go through. The money is ridiculous enough, and hughes and the sheikh ought to be looking at building over a series of seasons, not trying to play fantasy football.

When the new EA FIFA game comes out every year, there are a bunch of players (you see them on the boards) who go into the player management section and transfer in the 'galacticos'. Then they win everything on the game in one season and brag about how *good* they are. Sure it works on the XBox, but not in real life.

You would think that with an academy of the strength of City's that they would invest there to develop and then keep rather than sell? And then try to start scooping up the sort of youngsters that Arsenal and ManU always seem to find then turn into superstars.

You don't think Hughes is the man? I wonder... Who would YOU bring in if it was your job to do so? Jose? :-)


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