Monday, January 12, 2009

United in bullshit

I take it back about Yanks. There are people stupider. Take Carlo Strenger.

He says, I shit you not,
Israelis are divided on the extent to which we can let an enemy dictate the amount of human damage we inflict on them.

You read it right. Those nasty Palestinian children are just forcing the lambs in the IDF to kill them.


Strenger trots out all the old horseshit: the Hamas charter, blaming the victim, we never started it, guvnor, we're civilised, they're savages. His views on whether it's "civilised" to try to starve people for voting for people you don't like are notably absent though.

You have to remind yourself when wading through this bullshit, that this:
Hamas has changed the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from something that can be solved, to a clash defined by the principle that only one side can survive - critics cannot expect Israel to accept this simply because it is the stronger side.

is simply not true. Hamas has said it will accept an Israeli state. Israel, it seems, will not accept a Palestinian one.


At 6:52 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

boots sez:

Have you ever noticed that everything political and everything economic is about power? And that power is actually about fear?

I know you've noticed that people are fucking stupid. I agree on that, but it seems there's fuckall to be done about it.

The pen is, after all, just a fucking pen.


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