Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Pictures of yeuk

Some people have no sense of embarrassment. Usually they're Americans. English people had childhoods whose most often heard phrase was "don't cause a scene".

This is the sort of thing that gives the interwebnet a bad name. Everyone thinks their kid is the cutest thing since they invented cute, even the woman with the minging kid who looks like God used a cabbage three days past its best instead of a face for it.

This is the sort of thing that should remain private but, of course, the rise of reality TV has left people believing that the banal really is interesting and that their lives, which are endlessly fascinating to them, hold the same delight for others.

Maybe they do. Maybe there is a huge audience out there for "My kid is cute. It says 'lellow'" and I'm just too cynical to know it.

Naaah. This is just the 2004 equivalent of your dull cousin, who sends you a roundrobin every year about a delightful family full of fun that somehow doesn't quite jibe with the pack of hounds you remember from grampa's funeral.


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