Friday, October 15, 2004


I'm not sure about the new campaign badges.


Hands up if you've always thought Barry Grant should have reinvented himself as a neopunk rocker... oh, just me then. If you don't know who Barry Grant was, this wonderful rant will mean nothing to you.


Until they do write a novel in eight years, you can count me out, but it's that time of year again.


I forgot to blog this on Monday. It's okay, I can come out today.

Only kidding. It remains Dr Zen's policy that because ambivalent sexuality is more interesting than being straight-out straight or gay or anywhere in between, he'll stay in.


Would election by majority be a bad thing?

I particularly like a negative for majority election's being that it encourages third party efforts! It's just much more democratic to have a two-party system.

Despite its faults, I think the transferrable system used in Australia is best if you are going to have a winner-takes-all election. It does mean that the winner has some sort of mandate.

Of course, PR is the way to go for constituency-based systems. The major parties don't want them because they would tend to make coalitions necessary, in which ideologues would have to negotiate with others to make consensual policy.

What would I really like to see? Governments of functionaries that put in place policies that we vote for in slates. With neutral policy costing, I think this is feasible.


Desktop google. Helpful tool or scary backdoor privacy invasion?

Even if it's not what Google intended, how long will it be before someone writes a bot that can sniff out your google index and snatch it? Is it a bad thing that someone could know at a glance everything that is on your hard drive?


I don't think I could match these drawings of the human body. Some are quite poignant.

Via metafilter.


Beyond Charlotte.

Those who think parents should choose should study the Jesse Koochin case carefully.

These people are going to need to see the whites of his bones before they believe his life is ended. The "activist judge" in this case needs slapping.

Utah law is clear. Doctors decide whether you're dead or not. There's no right of appeal to the Grim Reaper.

Insensitive types are directed to the plumber scene from Blue Jam, also via Mefi.


It's not all gloom. Here's a brilliant re-creation of Pacman. The great thing about freelancing? I get paid even if I'm doing nothing.


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