Friday, October 15, 2004

Vote for men

Instarube claims success in Afghanistan.

Yes, it's great they're having elections. Wonderful. Now if only we could disarm the militias that destroy everyday life there.

Shit. We armed them in the first place, didn't we?

Elections are not the cure for every ill. You'd think they were to read this rubbish but of course they are not. It doesn't matter who you elect if they can't keep the power on. The underlying rifts in Iraq between Shia and Sunni, secularist and theocrat, Kurd and Arab will not be resolved by simply holding an election.

Women are not suddenly liberated because they get a vote.

A success story? Then why are people saying things like this:
Sahar Saba, a spokeswoman for the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan, a secular organisation still unable to work openly, told me last week: "People who should be on trial for their crimes are still in key positions in the government, so in such a situation speaking about democracy and women's rights is futile."


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