Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Anatomy of a lie

This astonishing report (Warning: large PDF) details the many lies that Tony Blair told about WMDs.

As someone who said that he was lying at the time (because even then the discrepancy between his statements and what was known was so wide), I take an interest in reading the proof.

But we all should. Our leaders lied to us. They did so so that they could invade a sovereign nation and kill its people. In our name.

We should not allow this. We are supposed to be living in a democracy, of which a key element is the accountability of those who represent us.

Tony Blair has never made account for these discrepancies. He seems to think that because the war was "won", because Iraq is "free", we need not concern ourselves with why we actually went there in the first place.

Wrong. We have to be able to trust our leaders. We demand ministers resign when they are caught in a lie. We should demand it no less of the prime minister.

We should be fair and afford him what he and his allies in Washington deny the "turrists": a trial. I say if he won't go, we should impeach him. If we do not have the power to remove him, where is the democracy?


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