Monday, October 11, 2004

Gut instincts

An old but brilliant article by Thom Hartmann about how the Bushistas get their message across.

Kerry appeals to the thinker in us, says Hartmann, but not the gut. I say Kerry doesn't realise that the gut is what most Yanks do their thinking with.

The repugnicunts know it and pander to it. They grovel in shit. I despair that we haven't gone there too. We should have done. It matters that much. Where are the ads that have Bush talking about drugs policy and then mention his coke abuse?

Where are the ads saying "You'd have to be drunk to invade Iraq!"?


Why have Indymedia's servers been seized?

The feds say they did it for someone else and the server company says nothing.

The Register suggests that the Swiss authorities wish to suppress photos of undercover police at a demonstration in France who were photographing protesters.

Why the Swiss police are photographing protesters is a mystery.

Here's the danger of giving gov'ts too much power in their "war on turr". You never know when you'll become a "turrist".


Jacques Derrida has died.

But what does that sentence mean?

How do I know that there was *a* Derrida? What does it mean to say he has died? Is "life" restricted to the narrow limits of "physical existence"? Is there not a sense in which Derrida has not died?

Now he is one of the "dead white men".

Irony is the forte of French philosophes.


This brilliant Martin Amis review of Maradona's autobiography reminds the reader why Dieguito was and is so beloved in some of the hardest cities on this planet, and by me.

He is a legendary bad boy with a talent that you would sell your soul and those of your whole family for: truly the greatest footballer I have ever seen play or probably ever will see; and a loser of prodigious dimensions.

You cannot help but love him: a man crushed by his own talent and destroyed by his flaws and yet never quite crushed and never quite destroyed. A man of heart, fierce and foolish. He may grow fatter, madder until his inevitably early demise, but he will always be the pibe who waltzed through our defence and showed us why the heart counts... viva Dieguito!


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