Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Swift to lie, slow to tell the truth

This film could win the election for Bush. The last lie will doubtless be the most salient.

Furious George is going to need it. His campaign is beginning to unravel. The truth -- that he is a vicious demagogue who is out to give money to his rich mates -- has become ever more evident. The fact-checking that TV stations and organisations such as do has begun to make it look as though Bush, not Kerry, is the flipflopper, the weasel. Even Fox, when it does its "fact-checking", has struggled to make Kerry look as dishonest as Bush so obviously is. (Bush must be cursing Cheney for stupidly mentioning Factcheck! It points out that he even lied about the timber company. Yes, George, you do own one.)

If I were advising Kerry, I would tell him to just let the film play. He is just feeding the publicity around it if he tries to oppose it, and giving it a credibility it doesn't deserve. Vietnam is not a good issue for Kerry, even if he feels it should be.

I'd play out ads that show that moment when Kerry, obviously sincere, tells middle America he won't tax it (a brilliant piece of showmanship that I hope they are using in ads there -- call that wooden? No way). Contrast it with Furious George bellowing at the moderator and then:

"Would you buy a tree off this man?"

Show Bush denying having a timber company and then the Factcheck page...

"Even Dick Cheney's favourite factcheckers think he's a liar!"

Vote Kerry!


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