Wednesday, October 13, 2004

45 lies per month

In this article it is reported that Jack Straw believes it was right to invade Iraq even though the intelligence on WMDs was wrong.

Hang on, Jack. You said we invaded Iraq because of the WMDs. That means that if you were wrong about his having them, you were wrong to invade him. IOW, you fucked up.

Doesn’t that mean you should resign? Isn’t that what you do when you’re accountable?


More interestingly, I noted in the same article that the government agrees that the intelligence services withdrew the 45-minute claim in July 2003.

But wait a fucking minute! The Hutton Inquiry was after then. Greg Dyke resigned after that.

Alistair Campbell was slaughtering Gilligan after the intelligence services had told the gov’t that the 45-minute claim was untrue – just what Gilligan reported!

The Gilligan report was in late May 2003. He said that there were doubts in the intelligence service about the claim when it was made.

He told the truth and the gov’t knew it. The intelligence service withdrew the claim a little more than a month after his report. But no gov’t witness told Hutton so.

Why not?


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