Monday, October 18, 2004

Bring it on

The problem with this kind of prophecy, although it's great fun to imagine that Russia will drain the Euphrates dry before invading Israel, is that the words of the Bible can only be twisted so far.

You could note that Genghis and Alexander went in opposite directions and by different roads (although, of course, there are only so many ways to get to Asia, dictated by impassable mountains and deserts). Genghis was a Mogul, btw.

His Roman Empire is well off. Romania should be in (the name gives you a clue), Germany out. Austria in, Persia out (Cassius tried but he was defeated and beheaded -- it wasn't such a big deal back then). Ireland is out and so is Sudan.

Looking at the guy's map, I spot that even he has more than ten members in his "ten-member confederation" (the EU). His grasp of the enlargement of the EU is a bit poor. Dude, there's 20-something nations in and so far, none has been thrown out.

This stuff would be wholly laughable if there weren't millions of Americans who believe that they are about to be whisked away to heaven to watch this unfold. Which would itself be laughable if there weren't a presidential candidate who panders to this and other beliefs of these nutters.


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