Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Sometimes I feel I have been playing timid for too long, because really, I do have balls. So I went to the poetry open mic again at the Inspire tonight and I felt much more confident about doing it. I had practised reading my work with A -- she stayed up late into her night to help me and I can't help feeling lucky to have someone who is willing to be bored witless by me blathering about poker, poetry and shit because she knew how nervous I was about it.

I read Unadorned, which is long and only really quasi poetry, but it was well received; Lamorna beach; and a poem I wrote today for Sh, who has, in her own idiom, encouraged me to regrow my nads and man up. I reproduce it below because I am pretty pleased with it.

It's hard to read my poetry out loud, because it seems to me to be the sort of thing you would whisper across a pillow. Poetry, when it is good, is the sound of your inner voice speaking to your reader's inner self, trying to find a way to move the part of a person that they keep from view. My inner voice is gentle and cannot shout.

Epiphanies of love

we have epiphanies of love
an understanding that
we do not have to
hate or fear each other

it does not last
and we sink
back into the sucking mire
that we are calling
because we never feel at home
with one another

I see sunlight on your face
a smile
that I have never seen you
smile before
and I realise
I have never known you at all.


At 1:08 am, Anonymous Ms. Wonder said...

very nice...now when will your poetry book be coming out??

At 2:39 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I should have thought to check your blog before asking how you did earlier.

I wish I could have watched you at the mic. I'm so glad to hear your poetry was well received, but that's really no surprise.



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