Thursday, September 10, 2009

XX marks the spot

Wait wait, I have to tell you, I thought JJ's album was good, but The xx blows it away.

If I made my dreams come true, and held the woman I love in my arms, this is the album we'd be playing. It's like the Young Marble Giants discovered sex. It's just the burning, beautiful sound of wanting someone on a long, dark night.

While I'm on the subject, here is something for those of you who appreciate yearning. After As it is when it was, I think this is my favourite song of all time (I mean the one that remains my favourite and doesn't change each week!).

It feels good to know that whatever happens, I have a few golden minutes and the songs I love have meaning they lack without someone to love.

Now I think about it, maybe it would be a close-run thing with this, a song with so much meaning for me that I cannot bear to listen to it often, just when the mood is right:

And As it is when it was? I don't know why but I have loved this song more than any other since I first heard it. Sometimes I love others more, but this is the song that if I'm pushed, I say is my favourite. Unfortunately, there's only this live version on youtube, and at that it's the slightly weird Pumped full of drugs show, but anyway:


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