Tuesday, September 08, 2009

All I do is dream

So two hours have passed when I wake in my chair and I have missed the programs I planned to watch. I am not concerned. I plan to go down to bed and dream of K. The night before, I dreamed of her so vividly I could feel her skin under my hands and against my body, but the dream was curiously unfinished.

Often I dream in serials. When I was a child, I would dream whole adventures, in which I would fight to save something or other (I'm not sure what).

And I was sure part two would be good
But weirdly, I didn't dream of her. I had a fractured curious dream, in which I took a piss in a fridge, and marinated some tofu. I don't doubt there are those of us who think the taste of tofu would be greatly improved for a couple of hours in a bath of wee, but it's not something I commonly do.
I felt distinctly disappointed. But after all, maybe my subconscious is telling me something, although the only message I can figure out seems to be, don't waste your hours and days dreaming of women you cannot have when you could be enjoying a good hard piss in the refrigerator.