Monday, September 07, 2009

Sweet dreams

So I have the facility that I can start on a train of thought while I'm awake and dream the rest of it when I sleep, a type of lucid dreaming that reinforces how I feel about people in my life.

So last night I am thinking about the WCW, which I do when she is around, but it's not working at all. Nothing is working.

What is wrong with a body when hot women do not work your crank?

Well, cherchez la femme, as our French friends say, and when I fell asleep I dreamt of K and felt my head spin with desire.

So tonight I will think about her, the two of us in a dark room, my hands on her shoulders. I will feel the warmth of her body, and if I am gentle, the throb of her heart in the blood vessels under my finger. I will whisper in her ear, reciting the words of the poem that filled my head when I was on the bus this afternoon.

I will fill her head with foolish talk about things that she has forbidden herself, but this is my dream, so we will kiss, and I will feel myself melt away, all the wearying accretions of life will drop away, and I will touch her, and I do not even know the words for the place you can be in, but I will be there, and fast asleep, dreaming that I feel her breasts against my bare chest and I do not know which heart I feel beating and I do not care.