Friday, September 18, 2009

Let me tell you

Let me tell you about her voice. Her voice is like honey when I am troubled; it eases the splinters of my mind. Let me tell you how it thrills me when she says my name; how she makes the word I've hated into a mantra that uplifts me.

Let me tell you about her laugh. Her laugh is like a gentle waterfall; tumbling and free. When I can make her laugh, I revel in it. And I won't ever make her cry.

Let me tell you about her smile. I can't tell you about her smile. Even my words have limits. How can a smile have captured sunshine? How can gold be not a thing you wear but a thing you entail? And her smile is forever golden to me; I would pay all I have to make her smile, but I have so little, only the precious words that run dry when I think how to say, I love her smile.

Let me tell you about my dream. We are together on a warm afternoon and I can feel her hot skin next to mine. Somehow I have become beautiful because I am beautiful in her eyes, and she is beautiful in mine. We are laughing together, relaxed and unhurried. We have nowhere to be, nothing to do but lie in the warmth of each other's laughter.

I will never stop loving her. No court can bid me; no human law compel. I will never stop dreaming I am beautiful in her eyes, and she will forever be beautiful in mine.


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