Friday, July 24, 2009

Opened up my arms

So I was talking to A about music, and I said that Opened up my arms by Sennen was my most-played song, which was surprising. But I love it. And A thought I had said that I didn't know why I love it. But I do. It's not just that it has chiming, soaring guitars, that it repeats and builds, and swirls in a ball of beautiful noise. It's more than that.

This is what I said. I'm just going to quote myself:

you could drift away
it's like summer on teh river
it sounds like a beautiful June day
full of yearning
a world blossoming
and you want so much to be part of it
to awaken
to be as beautiful as the world round you
that's why I like it
it captures that day for me

That is all it is. When you look at me, you see a careworn man, almost an old man, lost and broken, ugly and unappealing. But I don't. I see the warmhearted boy on a hillside near Highleadon, kissing A (a different A); I see the young man who still lived on dreams, afraid to touch K because she was so beautiful I didn't want her to stop being in bed with me. I do not know whether I have ever been beautiful, or whether I ever can be, but I love Opened up my arms because when I listen to it, for a few minutes I believe in a world that is as beautiful as I dreamt it then, and as beautiful as I dream I am, and you are too, because when I dream, I dream we are beautiful together, all of us, and I cannot stop loving you for the dream I have of you.


At 4:42 pm, Blogger Father Luke said...

In a perfect world, Zenner, I
would be stealing your music off
the internet and playing it
for my friends.

"You got to dig this guy, he's great!"

...but then, I don't know how to
talk about music like you do.
I just listen.

Father Luke


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