Tuesday, April 21, 2009

boots corroboration?

Avoid bad outcomes by resetting your memory?

I wonder whether it would work for poker?

ps. do not read the original paper unless you like being mindfucked.

And btw, if the MWI is true, boots' view of the universe, stripped of the bullshit about the "cosmic order" (the MWI has many "orders" obv.), is not unacceptable. Could boots have learnt to navigate the many worlds so that the universe provides? Let's just leave it at probably not, but note that it's not entirely impossible.


At 6:38 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The magazine title has the word "scientist" in it, therefore it must be true.

The tragic flaw in that guy's theory is the case where the future catastrophe has killed you deader than a hammer. I'm not saying he's wrong, but there's an apparent historicity inherent in physical reality that I'd expect to invalidate his approach. On the other hand who can say that dreams are not memories of future events.

It beats me, I'm happy enough if I can just do the right thing next.

"...bullshit about the 'cosmic order'..."

You think the premise that there is one most-basic unifying principle at work within the universe is ridiculous? Einstein and many other physicists might disagree with you since that lot has been looking for it since before the word "science" was coined.

Now why does that remind me of Buckwheat singing "Ookin' pa Nub"?

"I wonder whether it would work for poker?"

Nothing you ever attempt as a poker strategy is going to work as long as you continue to prohibit your own success. Get over it, or not, time will tell.

Of course since there is no you, you have no free will, so your whining is not under your control any more than your need to prohibit yourself from succeeding.

Sucks to be you, but since you don't exist that's probably no big deal.


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