Thursday, February 05, 2009

Fire up the choppers

As though to prove that the rank dishonesty of the right is a global phenomenon, our own rightist scumbags make stimulus a political football.

Let's be clear. If Malcolm Turnbull was PM, he would be racking up a deficit right now. If the Republicans were in power in the States, they'd be passing a huge stimulus.

Each claims that they would focus on tax cuts, but tax cuts do not work as well as spending. This is a matter of economic fact, not an ideological position, and was quite decently demonstrated by Bush's failed stimulus.

Indeed, if Turnbull or the Repugs were smart, which I'm fully willing to accept they are not, they would be urging bigger stimulus.

Australia has taken the right course. The times call for helicopter money and we are firing up the whirlybirds. Good for Rudd. I hope it works, and Australia avoids the depression that lurks. Of course, if America fucks up, it won't matter what we do, but at least we are showing willing.


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