Friday, December 05, 2008

Trypto nowhere

It's weird looking at your own brain, so I didn't spend too long doing it. Anyway, there's nothing to see: it's an ordinary brain (the scintillating brilliance doesn't show up on a CT scan). And shock horror! I don't have narrow arteries (hardly likely to because I obv. don't eat much cholesterol).

So the doctor says maybe you drink too much (because I have an elevated enzyme of some sort) but he's grasping at straws somewhat, because my blood is pretty much okay. What he does say that makes sense is that I might not get enough tryptophan, which is the amino acid precursor of serotonin. Unfortunately, because a hooky Japanese firm poisoned a few thousand Yanks, you can't easily get tryptophan here, but you can eat it. Unfortunately, the best sources are all meaty and fishy, but if I'm willing to spend my waking hours nibbling sunflower seeds, I will get plenty.

A lack of tryptophan makes sense. I probably don't eat as much protein here as I did in the UK, and I do sometimes have mad cravings for cheese, which is a source of it. A deficiency of tryptophan can cause depression etc etc, and the vertigo could well just be an outcome of low serotonin (maybe being a bit low on tryptophan makes serotonin hard to replenish?).

Anyway, blah blah. I don't feel well but there's nothing specific, just that feeling that you're not firing on all cylinders.


More cheerily, I can't believe I've never heard Air France before. If you like inventive pop, you'll love it. It's like the bastard child of the Avalanches and Lindstrom. If that doesn't sound good to you, go find some Avalanches and Lindstrom, and change your mind.

Air France:



At 8:49 pm, Anonymous P. said...

Good news, Zen. Not great but not shit.


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