Monday, November 24, 2008


So I have vertigo for whatever reason and it was mild until this afternoon, when it really started to get heavy. So I took a couple of tablets for the vertigo and now I'm so fucked I cannot see straight or barely move. LOL. hyoscine is basically scopalamine. I used to drink datura when I was a kid and this is what it was like. Tunnel vision, blurry, bright lights, I am sooooo fucked up you couldn't believe that a couple of OTC tablets could work so well.

LOL datura. What clowns we were! But it worked, and let me tell you, you can become unbeatable at Space Invaders if you are fucked on scopalamamamamaine. But as a conversationalist, you're going to suck.

So anyway, it feels weird, but it's been surreal being back in Brisbane. England felt right and this feels wrong. Sigh. You tell yourself you'll make the best of it, then you realise you are just essentially fucked. I am still in an omigod marriage, living in an omifuckinggod town, in a nopleaseoHMYFUCKINGgaaaahd life.

Still, it's fixed the vertigo. I'm so fucked my head feels like a giant pumpkin and I can't tell whether I'm dizzy or not. Apparently, this medication, it says here, can cause drowsiness and blurriness of visisons. And then some.

I should not, definitely not, operate heavy machinery. NOt.


At 9:16 pm, Anonymous P. said...

should not, definitely not, operate heavy machinery. NOt.

You're only just about being forgiven for operating a keyboard.

Suddenly I know how people feel when they read my blog.

At 9:59 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

boots sez:

I once had an ear infection and while in bed flat on my back I felt as though I was falling. It was very, very weird.

Sorry to hear about that nopleaseoHMYFUCKINGgaaaahd life, do note that you remain free not to give a flying fuck. There's a great deal to be said for apathy, sometimes it's the only way to survive.

At 3:45 am, Blogger $Zero said...

dearest pumpkin head,

this appears to be the wrong time to ask, but what's the scoop between using:

"all of the"


"all the"

is one preferable to the other, and if so, why?

they both seem wrong to me... at different times, of course.

i totally sympathise with the vertigo, dude.

when i was about thirty i found out that i have this ear disorder which acted up a few times over the course of about two years.

fuck. that was bad. unstoppable spinning, lotsa vomiting. but the OTC dramamiene (sp) did do the trick.

haven't had an episode in about a decade. i did lose about a third of my hearing in one ear though. in the high frequencies.

imbalance of inner ear fluid or some such. astronaut Alan Shepard has the same disorder. they recommended perhaps avoiding excessive salt.

apparently, if it ever gets really really bad they can risk totally knocking out my hearing with some slightly experimental surgery to fix it.

no thanks to that option.

easy to say now, of course.

At 7:56 am, Blogger Father Luke said...

I just moved.
I'll give you my mailing address.

I want some.
It may help me forget my home town.

Father Luke

At 12:08 pm, Blogger Mcleod said...

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