Saturday, December 20, 2008

Starve the world

Among the many interests President Obama will serve is the ethanol lobby, which will be pleased that he has put Vilsack in as agriculture secretary.

America's "green" policy is a parody of what is needed. Bush, like most Australians, favoured "clean" coal (which is as sensible a concept as clean mud), but other neocons have pushed ethanol hard. They see it as a route for America to become self-sufficient in fuel.

But ethanol is not green at all. Burning it emits more carbon than burning petrol, and the demand for corn has pushed prices up to the point that much of the world can no longer afford it. This, plus NAFTA, has devastated rural Mexico, helping to fuel the immigrant problem that exercises many Americans.

The more conservative Obama supporters say "don't judge him, he's not inaugurated yet", as he shafts the left again and again. But, you know, the time to judge these charlatans is before they do damage, so that they do not feel they have a mandate to pursue an agenda that will hurt us. These "Third Way" politicians are particularly dangerous, because they preach conciliation, bipartisanship, a "new politics", but what they pursue is nothing more than a new road to put the profits into the pockets of the rich. Tony Blair didn't renew the UK: he refreshed the bank balances of the super rich.

I hope I'm wrong about Obama, but I don't think I will turn out to be. He's not Bush, for which we can be thankful, but he's Blair. The day even the most fervent supporter should have woken up to the truth was when he voted for the new FISA.


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