Monday, October 15, 2007

Supporting the troops

This is how the US supports its troops. Once they have given their bodies and, in this case, minds in service of a rich man's crusade against poor brown people who happen to control a resource we all need, they are left to moulder.

War is fucking horrible. That's all I have to say about it. We should think twice before starting them because the mess they cause is deeper, broader and more painful than we ever imagine it will be.


At 11:36 am, Blogger Father Luke said...

The world is a funny place, Zen. At
one time people lived here.

Maybe, one day, they will once more.
Maybe one day people will sit in the
woods, and enjoy the day, talk with
the folks who live next door, care
for and play with their children,
and sleep when they are tired.

It pleases me to think that one day
people will again live here.

- -
Father Luke


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