Monday, October 15, 2007

One law for the rich...

Another brilliant post by Glenn Greenwald on the FISA scandal.

We're just sitting by watching as telecoms right in front of our faces purchase from government officials the right to be exempt from lawsuits currently pending in our court system.

That pretty much says it all. There is no rule of law if you can buy the law. We all know you can to some extent: the rich have better lawyers than the poor, after all. But as uneven as our justice systems are, as unjust as they are (so focused are our laws on the wealthy's rights to property and so little on, erm, justice), they are supportable by us, to the extent that they are, so long as they are evenhanded. Once they are not -- once they cannot even be pretended to be, there is no rule of law, no law at all. Tell me, why should I abide by any one of your laws if he need not? If the answer is, he is rich and you are poor, then why is my response not, I am armed and he is not?


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