Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bleat on, baby

Rather than blog about depressing stuff like how the US has gone batshit insane and the people of Iran will be the next victims of the psychopaths running the place, I will indulge in further laughing at the Wikipedia Review fucktards. (Before you run off, going "no way am I reading another TLDR post about your stoopid trollisms, I promise that it will quickly devolve into the usual ill-directed rambling.)

Check this out. Apparently, I owe world Jewry an apology for someone else's illuminating a nasty piece of Holocaust denial.

Well, I'm not sorry. I think Holocaust deniers and their facilitators should be help up to opprobrium and ridicule, as appropriate. I don't have a high opinion of people who slag others off and refuse the right to reply either (naturally, "Somey", one of the crusaders for accountability at Wikipedia Review who curiously does not post under her own name but feels it is reasonable to "out" others, has blocked me from their site -- which means she intends that I cannot even read what she writes about me! Can you imagine being that cowardly? These are people who criticise Wikipedia for unfairly banishing idiots and not allowing them to whine eternally about it, yet when handed power themselves, they abuse it in exactly the same ways as the people they excoriate). Naturally, my comments remain open for "Somey" to state her opinion, if she wishes. I won't hold my breath though.

What people like this want is a pulpit, not a discussion forum. They want to express their views and have them applauded, not contested.

Well, that's the way the world used to be, before Al Gore invented the interwebtubes. The only really widespread media for commentary were the print media, radio and television, which had very limited and controlled means for the message-receivers to respond. But now if you say something fuckwitted, someone will come along and call you a fuckwit about three minutes after you finished typing it.

Which, I think, is fantastic.

I don't like blogs that don't have comments. It really misses the point of bloggetry, or misses an important, and sometimes fun, aspect of it. I like engaging with people, taking them on, trying out ideas with them, infuriating them, maybe making them think, and I like it when they do those things to me. The most hurtful thing anyone has ever posted in my comments (bearing in mind that I have been called a cunt so often I just don't mind it that much these days) was the suggestion that I only wanted people to agree with me. Now I'll vehemently batter you if you disagree with me, that's true, but I have always believed, will always believe, that chaos, discord, uproar are the media for creation, and harmony rots.

Also, if there are no comments, how the fuck can we linkwhore?


At 7:06 pm, Blogger Father Luke said...

-=-: L I N K W H O R E A L E R T :-=-

Had an unexpected, little shit storm brew
over in one of my strands of the w e b.

Also, nice music.
Suits my taste. May be it also
suits yours.

As to Gore, inventing the Web, and

Tim Berners-Lee
answered a question in 1998 with an insight which shows keen acumen. He said: "It would help if everyone with Web access also had some space they can write to."

Just passing by, and wanted to say Hey.
- -
Okie Doke,
Father Luke
Work Shall Set You Free

At 1:34 am, Blogger said...

is this some sort of bizarre bickerfest paradox cognitive dissonance/y of yours?


At 1:36 am, Blogger said...

Father Luke: Work Shall Set You Free

define "work".


At 5:38 pm, Anonymous Noss said...

Well the good people at Wikipedia Review have gone and trampled all over Encyclopaedia Dramatica, raising the ire of a few of the admins over there. From the looks of it an all out geek war is about to erupt.

One quote from the Dramatica site:

“Wow, I feel myself agreeing with Grace Note more and more about WR. Lateral 01:29, 24 August 2007 (CDT)”

At 11:21 am, Blogger Arleen said...

I just read the Dramatica entry on Grace Note. Geez. They love you, don't they?

At 8:41 pm, Anonymous noss said...

the Dramatica entry was written by Blissy2u in a moment of butthurt panic.

At 10:14 pm, Blogger ABOUT ME said...

Well, if they think getting banned from the forum keeps the banned from reading their daily kook rant, they're seriously misinformed.

And the funny thing is, they probably too dumb to know how I could read their forum and bypass their stupid and silly trick to prevent page loads (and it was stupid trick).

One hand crying "censorship!" but play censor regardless. You and I allow these potholes to post on our blogs, but they're so paranoid and kooky to take the same treatment. The most hypocritical folks I've ever encountered (and I thought the Hannity Darthes had no match).

No great loss, since you're probably do the same things I do to get around their little ban (I rarely read there, except when bored -- like taking a break to get CSS to align with proprietary software [Blogger I hate your auto-insert templates!!].

Keep the satire coming. Humor IS the best medicine! ;)


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