Monday, August 13, 2007

I hace a naziburger

Mad, me? Bipolar? Nah. I iz a cat.


At 2:39 pm, Blogger Father Luke said...

Fuck, man. Looks like what my
comptuer acts like to me.

F a t h e r L u k e

At 7:33 pm, Anonymous Noss said...

Ha ha.

Your WR "friend" is quoted as saying that his actions created Encyclopedia Dramatica.

Look out for next week for his claims that he found a cure for AIDS, invented the internet and was the first man on the moon.

At 11:25 pm, Blogger Miz UV said...

OMG, that's funny! I never thought I'd see a lolcat from you, Dr Z.

At 8:21 pm, Anonymous high-in-the-sky said...

There can't be many creatures that exhibit bipolar behaviour more than cats.

So anyway, what's the moggy's troll line in those there forums? Auschwitz was a boarding-kennels?


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