Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The abyss bleats back; with update, now more for your money!

Now updated with extra anger and vengeance!

Regular readers may remember that I had a lot of fun back in the day trolling a board that had been set up by a neonazi, which had attracted other Holocaust deniers. That board fell apart, and was superseded by a new version, which mostly contents itself with whining about Wikipedia, with posters complaining about how they got banned (because many of its posters are banned, and rightly so, from Wikipedia, which is fairly tolerant of fucktards all in all) or playing the shell game with Wikipedia's admins. Much of the board's effort from day one has gone into stalking a Wikinerd called SlimVirgin, who I'm acquainted with. At first, the neonazi attacked her because she is Jewish, and had clashed with him on a favourite page; over time, the point of the attack has mutated because there is less concern that she is Jewish and more that she does things that the fucktards don't like.

From day one, some of these people have claimed that they stalk her because they want her to be "accountable". I've always said they do it because they want to bully her, frighten her and upset her, as people who play the shell game this hard always do.

A glance at this thread will show what these people's motivation really is:

This serial troll and defamer needs outing, because they've basically now done criminal actions against members of this board.

says one.

Hmmmm. I don't need to be made "accountable" (for Grace Note, she is me, you doubtless recall), but I need to be "punished". Ho hum. (And my view has long been that the motivation for attacking SlimVirgin is that she is an uppity woman, and the limpdicks who are after her just cannot stand that.)

Well, I am a serial troll, no doubt about it. I just can't resist a fucktard. But a defamer? Luckily, you can judge for yourself. Here's the post in which blissyu2 denies the Holocaust. Note this in particular:

"And do we say that holocaust denial is racism? No. I mean, in the end, we don't know 100% all of what happened. Sure, we've pieced together most of the details, but there is some scope of believability. Perhaps the boundary is that yes, we know that Jews were sent to concentration camps. We also know that people died. But we don't know for 100% sure that it was Jews that died, or that they died purely for being Jews. It is hypothetically possible that they just happened to dissent. Maybe they talked back or something? Maybe they were just people that died in the war generally that were just buried there?"

Maybe they were just people who died in the war generally and were just buried there?!? What teh fuck?

So the fucktards are having a picnic, and of course I'm loving it, because I occasionally read the board (because from time to time someone would note something that needed fixing on Wikipedia, and I knew fixing it would wind up some of the lobtards there, so I could have the best of both worlds: do good and seriously annoy a lobtard).

Apparently, I'm Jewish:

I think Grace Note was Jewish and hated Igor Alexander or whatever the name was.

Nah. I hated him for being a neonazi. You don't need to be Jewish to do that.

Or I attacked him because I didn't want to be banned from WP... LOL. I've never been in any danger of being banned from WP, of course. It's just impossible for these idiots to believe that people do things because they think they're right and not because they are involved in some huge, nefarious conspiracy.

They have recently found themselves noted on Slashdot, because they enjoy speculating about SlimVirgin. They have traced her to an IP in Canada, and found a name they think she used to use. Someone they think was a boss of hers sacked a person, claiming they were a spy, so the fucktards think she's a spy. They ignore that the guy in question became famous in his later years for a particular form of dementia that he suffered, which led him to believe in conspiracies.

The truth is much more mundane. Rather than being employed to spread an evil web throughout Wikipedia, poor SlimVirgin is just another wikinerd. She does some rank things, and gets away with them because she is popular with the right people. Yeah, she could probably do with not doing the shitty things, spend less time pissing people off, and generally all round be a nicer person, but which one of us can't that be said about?

Hilariously, these fucktards are not even any good at the shell game. I comment on their blog linking to this page (all traffic is good, after all). It's quite clear to anyone who reads this blog that I live in Australia. But they've decided I'm some other poster, and that poster's IP resolves to Quebec, so I must live in Quebec.

Doubtless one will follow the link here (hello fucktard!) and will "reveal" that I live in Brisbane, Australia. Unlike SlimVirgin, I'm not afraid of being "outed" (she is afraid because Wikipedia attracts, among other lobtards, some seriously scary nutters, who have stalked people IRL, and because she is a journalist, who may have cause to go to places where the mere suggestion that you are a spy can put you in peril). I am, sadly, not a sekrit agent, much as I'd like to be, but if by any chance, any sekrit services want someone to spread an evil web in Wikipedia, I'm willing to for a small fee.

Update: It's curious to me that people who claim to be reasonable critics of Wikipedia, which is somewhat in need of criticising are, well, so unreasonable. They much prefer their own explanations of what is going on than those of people who actually know what is going on (so, as I noted, SlimVirgin is a spy rather than just a researcher whom a guy famous for his delusions claimed worked for MI5 -- the wrong agency for the work in question even if she was one!, and she is now a sekrit agent rather than a sad nerd with too much time on her hands who has gone a bit crazy with the banhammer and enjoys a ton of interwebnet conflict -- and who doesn't? The only real gripe you can have is that, unlike arenas such as the Uselessnet, Wikipedia allows asymmetric warfare, which is a bit unfair). It's also curious that they savage your poor friend, Dr Zen, who is only having a bit of fun at their expense, but defend and shelter Holocaust deniers and others whose aim is to hurt others.

So Fred Bauder writes an article and I go and stop Adrian Meredith from rubbing it out. That means I must have written it, right? And passed it to Fred? LOL. I don't know Fred Bauder, and my only interactions with him will have been negative, because he's a horrible prick and I have an aversion to horrible pricks.

I'm angry and vengeful? Not hardly. Trolls do not get angry. And Wikipedia Review has done nothing that much bothers me, except to hound and hurt people I know. And that doesn't really make me vengeful, so much as sadden me.

Sometimes I supported everyking and sometimes I didn't on the same issues. Nah. Sometimes I supported him because I agreed with him, and sometimes I didn't because the cabal told me not to... okay, no, because I didn't agree on that particular thing. People who enjoy forming up in camps find it hard to understand a person who doesn't take sides but calls it as he sees it.

People who know me are pretty clear on a couple of things: I don't need to lie about people like Adrian and I don't have any tolerance for Holocaust denial. It's simply true that Wikipedia Review was set up by people who mostly wanted to attack the Jewish editors on Wikipedia, and hangers-on who, in the name of free speech, facilitated their antisemitism (of the people Adrian lists, it is not true that I accused Selina or Somey of Holocaust denial, and Selina cut most of the bad posters loose after I urged her to consider how it reflected on her to permit that shit). I had a lot of fun proving to them that they actually had no commitment to free speech at all. Curiously, I am still banned from their site, and my freedom to speak is severely curtailed, which, given that they are joyously slagging me off, is reflective of what their principles really are. Naturally, I am happy to allow any of them, even Adrian, to comment on my blog as they choose. The only comments I remove -- and then I think I've done it only once or twice -- are ugly flames of other commenters (not of me; my aim is not to dissuade flaming of me but to dissuade long flamefests in the comments) and, if I can be arsed, spam.

But these people don't do reason, do they?

They say things like this:
I note that, while on Wikipedia itself he goes along with the clique that claims there's no reason anybody should ever link to Wikipedia Review, on his own blog he in fact links to it in the course of criticizing it.

Wikipedia Review hurts people who write Wikipedia. It has the intention of embarrassing and "outing" them. I don't see any good reason that a site would link to sites that exist mainly to hurt contributors in good faith. But my blog is not Wikipedia, and I link to who the fuck I like for whatever reason I like. I don't mind people trying to hurt me or out me, so I don't mind linking to them. And if I didn't link to the fuckt^H^H^Hnice boys and girls at Wikipedia Review (that better, Sal?), my readers could not enjoy laughing at them. That's kind of the difference. Wikipedians don't find their bullshit so funny, because it's aimed at them; but people who know me will.

And this:

Now of course he doesn't know what to do. He hates SV and all the bad guys on Wikipedia, AND he hates the people that oppose them.

Of course, it's perfectly possible to yell "a pox on both your houses" and hate both sides in a war. People who believe the world is all "with me or against me" don't really grasp that, but it's often true in a world that has conflicts over some truly stupid things.

But, truth is, I don't hate anybody involved. I am laughing at them, because both sides are so utterly ridiculous, entirely unable to act like decent human beings. I certainly don't hate SlimVirgin, with whom I've had cordial relations for a long time, and who is a much nicer person than she is painted by the fuckt^H^H^HWikipediareviewers.

Hilariously, the guy who denied the Holocaust thinks he can sue me for saying that he did it. Unfortunately for him, even with Australia's restrictive libel laws, that what I said was true is sufficient defence. He's keen on the legal threats (I believe that making them is the reason he was banned from Wikipedia, although it would only have been one of several valid reasons for it) but of course these people bluster and pose, but never deliver. Their moral calculus is interesting though: harassing and stalking a person, "outing" them, and lying about them in a way that is liable to endanger them personally as vengeance for perceived wrongs is fine; noting that you denied the Holocaust is a horrible smear, even though, actually, yes, you did do it, and there is no consequence to you bar becoming even more of a laughing stock than you already are.


At 2:32 pm, Blogger SalT said...

Have a problem with that "fucktard" construct, but then you knew I would.

Can't you come up with a less egregious construct?

Maybe not, but I thought your verbal gymnastics were up to the quest.goal.challenge.

At 2:39 pm, Blogger Dr Zen said...

It's kind of common internet slang for that particular mixture of retard and fuckhead. I guess you could read it as "rehead" if that helps.

At 4:49 pm, Anonymous high-in-the-sky said...

"I think Grace Note was Jewish"

If only they'd known she was Cornish; they'd have been merciless, LMFBO

At 8:40 am, Blogger Anonymiss said...

Apparently, I'm Jewish

Christ, does no one have anything original to call you any more?

At 4:57 pm, Anonymous Token Black said...

WR used to have some respect; yes Jimbo and his clique considered them kooks, but with Brant helping out they had some sense of reality and helped push Wikipedia away from the mish-mash of false information and articles that were copy/pasted from other websites.

Now the teacher has left the class and the pupils are running riot.

How long has the Wikipedia Review got left if it’s only going to be the equivalent of LJ Drama.org for pseudo-intellectuals?

At 1:45 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dr Zen said, "I troll Wikipedia Review because holocaust deniers like Blu Aardvark, Qwerty, Lir, Selina, Blissyu2, Somey and Igor mixing with anti-semites like Poetlister, Guy, Jorge, Joel Leyden and perennial kooks like Daniel Brandt are running the board using it as a front while pretending it is a critic site."


Dr Zen said "I (am) a holocaust denier (and) anti-semite who (is) running the board using it as a front while pretending it is a critic site."

Sorry Dr Zen, that's the logic that you use with your misquotes...


At 8:39 am, Blogger Dr Zen said...

Poor sad Adrian. The thing is, no one was misquoted. The words are there for anyone who wants to look.

At 6:44 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And the words say, quite clearly "This is how Adolf Hitler was able to convince ordinary Germans to agree with nazism" ... "Yet nobody who is knowledgeable today would consider accepting them now"

You missed out those two important quotes. In other words, you forgot to mention the part about the entire point of the post VEHEMENTLY OPPOSING ADOLF HITLER.

So because I quote Adolf Hitler, therefore by your logic I must support him? You are a fuckwit.

It's been analysed, and you're wrong. So admit it.

"My name is Grace Note, and I am a liar"

Repeat as needed.

Why don't you just admit that you did it all as a stupid backstabbing way to avoid getting banned from precious Wikipedia, because you can't stand up for what you believe in?

At 7:41 pm, Blogger Dr Zen said...

Sorry, Adrian, but nowhere in that post do those words appear. Nowhere. You express your opinion, not Hitler's.

Just admit you misspoke and you're cool. Defending yourself just makes you look more of a fool than you already are.

At 3:25 am, Anonymous Noss said...

I love this quote someone put up on Wikipedia review.

"WR should not give into to psychopaths and stalkers."

Hang on, but isn't WR a hive of psychopaths and stalkers?

At 12:23 pm, Blogger Dr Zen said...

Noss, you forgot to mention that they are complete hypocrites to boot.

At 5:48 pm, Anonymous Noss said...

"you forgot to mention that they are complete hypocrites to boot."

I can only agree with you after seeing this:




and this:


a great quote from the last one.

"I am quite frankly very nervous when I edit on ED."

blissyu2 is one of those people who hasn't got the balls to go through with a lawsuit, so he did the only thing he could do and write an article on ED about you.

At 5:56 pm, Blogger Dr Zen said...

Noss, it's worse than that. Even Adrian is sane enough to know he doesn't have cause for a lawsuit. Even if he hadn't denied the Holocaust, he does not have a reputation to be ruined.

It's worse than that because Adrian and his friends have their say in forums where I cannot answer. I've always considered the height of cowardice on the interwebnet.

At 6:56 pm, Anonymous Noss said...

All this has shown people outside of the WR and Wiki drama is how powerless the WR team are. In the past I've accused them of grabbing onto any scrap of glory they can get their hands on, but this proves how dickless they are.

Let them hide on their forum, it's the only power they're going to have in their meaningless voids they call their life.

At 1:47 pm, Blogger Scipio said...

I stumbled upon your blog and thought it was a breath of reality-based fresh air. I have followed Wikipedia and WR as an amused outsider who has followed (and documented) the very wide deception path of Hurricane WordBomb. I am much more up to speed on the disinformation and smear campaign as it relates to stock message boards, but I've also followed the antics on WP and WR.

It would probably bore you to tears but the grand SlimVirgin conspiracy is only a sub-conspiracy to the ultra grand conspiracy against WordBomb's company and very wealthy boss...at least according to them. I'm also apparently a part of it since I smelled a giant, rotting rat and followed the obvious stench trail.

(I think your characterization of the WR misfits is spot on. WordBomb plays those gullible fools like a fiddle)

At 1:44 pm, Blogger CXP said...


I really didn't know what the hell I was getting into registering and posting on WR. Truly. The more I read, the more I wonder if this is just a b-a-d dream.

Anyway, I've been banned from WR, and ironically, I'm an anti-zionist (but not of the holocaust denial/racist type...nope, Jorge, nope)! All over this SV topic...I dared to question Danny boy and he had a meltdown.

Don't know any of you, and doubt any of you know me, but keep blogging (and please SEO your blogs/sites, so us non-connected folks know what site to AVOID). As I honestly didn't know WR was a snake pit.

You can read of my incident with WR on my blog, too.


At 2:52 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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