Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Is the meaning of "is" is?

Well, fuck me like a dirty Republican dog. Gonzo's going to go for the 'meaning of "is"' defence.

See, Bush had a program to spy on US citiz^H^H^Hturrists. But that program had different elements, only one of which Bush has admitted to. The element he admitted to was totally illegal, and he should be impeached on that basis alone, but there were other elements even more illegal. So illegal that half the DOJ threatened to quit if they didn't stop doing it.

But here's the thing. Attorney-General Gonzales denied that he went to Ashcroft's hospital bedside to badger him to approve Bush's program. And McConnell says technically the spying Bush admitted to was not called the "terror surveillance program" until after that visit, so when Gonzo says the two things are not connected, he is not lying.

Head hurting yet?

FBI director Mueller called bullshit on Gonzo, saying there's only one program. Yes, but Mueller just doesn't get that there are strands to the program, and they're like programs in themselves...

You're getting it, aren't you? Gonzo's not lying because when he says program, he doesn't mean the big program thingy that everybody else is talking about. No, he meant the strand in the program that wasn't the strand everyone is talking about. All a big mixup, Gonzo off the hook, everyone walks away happy.

You know, if you tried this with a friend, or with your mother, you'd get your arse kicked. They'd be, like, don't bullshit me. I asked you straight about this program and now you're trying to weasel out of it.

But Bush and friends think lying is okay so long as you're not caught. And even then, it's okay.


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