Wednesday, August 22, 2007

ADLed minds in action

OMFG. You couldn't make this shit up. Jewish leader fired for not denying a holocaust.

Thankfully, the huge outcry made the ADL reverse its position, although it still opposes legislation to recognise the genocide.

I can see arguments for not pursuing the legislation, but I do not think that realpolitik should trump simple truth-telling, and if the Turks don't like it, well that's tough. It's long past time they faced up to their past. Germany has had to, and has become normalised as a sibling nation to others in Europe. That Turkey wants the same outcome is notable. So Turkey might be "infuriated" that Congress marks the Armenian Holocaust, but you have to say, that's just tough shit. It has no basis for fury, any more than my country would were it brought to task for the famines it purposely caused in India, or the many massacres it perpetrated in its pursuit of other people's wealth.

As for the ADL, I've long felt that this rightwing smear machine should be taken a lot less seriously. The protection of Jews is important, I do not doubt that, but we do not need to leave the job to arsewits like Foxman. I note that his justification for taking no position on the legislation is that if passed it will have an adverse effect on Jews in Turkey. To which I say, why? WTF do Jews in Turkey have to do with the US? Is Foxman suggesting there is some merit to the belief that world Jewry controls Congress? I thought only lunatic antisemites believed that. Maybe Foxman knows something I don't, or maybe he's just another kind of lunatic.


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