Friday, June 29, 2007

Go Mika go

Well, there's one journo with a shred of integrity left in the States:

What strikes me is the disrespect Mika is shown by the repulsive toads she cohosts with. You'd think that in a country as truly, deeply fucked as the States, someone posing as a journalist would have the heart to realise that she is right.


At 3:03 pm, Anonymous efflux said...

Thanks for sharing.

At 4:02 pm, Anonymous $Zero said...

i watched that live the other day.

great stuff.

after several auditions by various hosts and co-hosts, it looks like MSNBC has finally found a decent mix with Joe and crew.

these are the people replacing Imus in the Morning.

Joe's an ex conservative Republican Congress critter, but a reasonable one.

although, during a phone interview this morning, he WAS slightly spinning while defending Ann Coulter -- it still ended up turning out ok because Ann managed to flip out, live, and nearly broke into tears about how unfair everyone is supposedly treating her, FFS.

rumor is Rosie O is taking over Joe's 9 PM hour.

At 4:08 pm, Blogger Dr Zen said...

Yeah, I heard about the Coultergeist's coked-up wigout.

I don't mind conservatives so much. Being uncomfortable with change is not terrible. But the likes of Coulter are not conservatives, any more than Mussolini was.

At 4:09 pm, Anonymous $Zero said...

BTW, Mika's often a bit of a ditz and a suck-up, but yes, she does have some redeeming qualities, too.

At 4:20 pm, Anonymous $Zero said...

it sounded like it was more than just a coke session -- could that be the excuse she's floating?

she was misinterpretting Joe's spinning for her (as reasonable as that spin sounded) and she went off on a self-pity rant about how all of her words are disected and taken out of "context" (yikes) or somesuch and how "tiresome" it has become for her.

awww... poor vicious baby.

great nickname for her, BTW.

is that your own creation?

it's a beaut!


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