Monday, June 18, 2007

Just teh facts, ma'am

This is just brilliant, the best summary of the facts on Iraq, as we know them, that I've seen.

Those who claim that the invasion of Iraq was a well-justified attack that went wrong (and astonishingly, those people do exist, despite the mountains of evidence to the contrary, and one can only presume they are blinded by loyalty to their rightist hero or their own stupidity, take your pick) should read it carefully, and recalibrate.

They lied to us. They lied repeatedly and continue to lie. They did not lie for our own good, which we might forgive, at least somewhat. They lied for their own ends.

They will never face the trial they deserve, never receive the punishment due for the many, many murders they are responsible for, never see justice. But we can do it ourselves, in a small way. A tiny way, if we are little-read smalltimers, but an important way. Because a single small voice cannot stand against a tide of lies, but millions can. And maybe that will be enough to spare the people of other countries the hurt that we let Bush and his criminal buddies visit on Iraq.


At 9:46 pm, Anonymous high-in-the-sky said...

It is an interesting list, and seems to me to be a merger between Michael Moore's research, and the book "The Greatest Story Ever Sold".

However, I want to point out that a lot of the items in the list are not _fact_ in the strict legal sense. They are opinions, such as Clarke's comments about the meetings he attended, and are therefore more properly hearsay. And some of them are not exactly relevant to the main issue of Iraq, but more properly to the issue of whether the adminstration went too far in its attempts to control the country, (the USA, not Iraq).

If anything, the page summarises the injustices that have been perpetrated against the American people as much as those perpetrated against the Iraqi people.

It's a new world order, I feel; when politics is made media-worthy, it results in the truth being brushed aside in favour of sound-bites and photo-ops. Who're you going to blame? The Media, for looking to appeal to their audiences? The government, for trying to make what it does appeal to the man in front of the television, or half the voters, for encouraging them in the first place?

At 6:11 am, Blogger Don said...

An excellent summary, even if the previous commenter is right to separate facts from hearsay. One thing that disappoints me in these discussions is reliance on the Democrats to save the day. It is my growing opinion that the Dems are merely the non-GOP flip side to the same corrupt card that runs the country. Their calls to withdraw troops serve to distract us from the broader truth that they and the GOP are on the same side, driving us in the same hellbound direction, and using viewpoints that only appear to be in opposition, or are actually irrelevant, to do so.

We used to have a saying: "It's a free country." I have taken to saying we could have been a free country, but alas, never made it.

At 9:40 am, Blogger Dr Zen said...

Don, you should take care with words. "Hearsay" is not the same thing as "opinion" or "analysis".

I largely agree with you about the Democrats. They are the better of two evils, not the salvation of America. Given the opportunity to a/ impeach your war criminals and b/ get your boys the fuck out of there, they didn't have the guts/will/desire to do either. They should not be forgiven for that lightly.

I don't think you ever could have been a free country. America was formed by the day's equivalent of corporate interests and it is still run by them. And now you are on the brink of a desperate state of affairs. An economic downturn could tip you over into fascism -- you're not that far away. Attacking Iran could also be a trigger: Muslims will start to believe that your war is against them, that you consider them all terrorists. You could yet create the war Podhoretz is talking about.

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