Thursday, April 07, 2005

The perfect girl

true that she would find me where I hiding was weeping and learn of all the secrets I been keeping true that she would take me shake me make me blind so one day I will see my own two hands waving in front of me saying and shouting and singing yeah this is the way this is the way that our love grows you have the things that are good and now I know.

the only things I lack are things to call my own even my secret dreams I have to borrow and the dances I dance are all danced before me and the things that I say are hopeless and angry all said before me but I will always have what you give me whenever you find me take shake and blind me even if what's yet to come I saw it all behind me I can still feel it flying all round me

in the perfect world the perfect girl would still find me.

DR 1990.


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