Thursday, April 07, 2005

Fluent bodies

I want a million dead babies
what you say is crazy and what I say
theres mould in the kindest face you pull
theres venom in the kindest word you say
you want to touch me you want to fuck me
get down on the floor and I dont respect you
Ill fuck you up the ass
drive over you with a car
theres a snake in your body and you dont know what the fuck youre saying
theres a concrete avenue and a big fucking power station
theres an aircraft and the skies are busy
cant talk now Im having dinner
theres an aeroplane and the reconstruction of everything I know

I want a television
the continuing warfare soiling the room
I dont understand what you want anymore
someone has got nails eating up the rice paddies
and someone is throwing napalm all over
all over all over if this is the game show Ill take manhattan
her breasts in my hands
the widest cunt in the western world you said
the widest cunt is the western world I was watching the mirror show me
to be falling all over the floor
I want to revise my feelings about it

someones nuclear weapons are boiling on my skin
and so what if I dont care about your problems
theres a lot of shit all over your hands
you take off your head and your life is vermin
you take off your clothes and swallow down hard
I dont believe you had a baby and I dont believe in love for you
I eat your life and Ill fuck you till you bleed
this is not rage I said this is human sentiment
all my fluid yours goodbye.

DR 1990.


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