Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Roll up, roll up!

Next weekish (okay, April 13 to be accurate) I'm hosting Carnival of the Vanities, a showcase for bloggetry. This is the mother of all carnivals, which, if you just aren't quite the blogger about town you think you are and need to be told, are collections of posts that bloggers want the world to see. I'll accept nominations at drzen1 AT gmail DOT com. Your own work or anyone else's that you think really should have a wider audience, I don't mind, but it must be bloggetry, not some bollocks from your favourite newspaper. Everyone is welcome on a strictly nondiscriminatory basis, although I will be ferociously rude about you if you are a/ a dumb rightwing regressive Yank, b/ a dumb Yank, c/ a Yank, d/ illiterate. Only kidding! There are usually too many posts for anything more than the most cursory comments and I am feeling positive towards Americans since they gave the thumbs down to Terri Schiavo (not that I have anything against Ms Schiavo but their common sense in preferring sanity to "principle" is to be lauded).

The deadline has now passed. Any further submissions, I'll forward to next week's host Conservative Dialysis


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