Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Hearts nearly breaking

I don't think I have read a better summary of why for a thinking person there is no choice in the upcoming American election.

It is because all of this -- and much more -- is true that I call those who consider voting Bush fucking idiots. How can you ignore the swerve to the right, the ineffectual "war on turr", the vicious attacks on women's rights, on science, on the environment, on your friends in France and Germany (truer friends, you can be sure, than the thugs who are currently pillaging Russia), and the ineptitude of the smirking chimp-man who leers at you from your highest office?

How can you not see that America has suffered one of the worst presidencies it has ever endured? In almost every sphere you have seen your prestige and reputation damaged, the good work of previous administrations undone, intolerance spread, and the rich and greedy benefit at your expense. You have been lied to, concertedly, on each and every issue. These are people who use the VP's daughter's sexuality to win votes, then slam someone else's even mentioning her sexuality to win more. People who bullshitted about WMDs and still do, about terrorists that do not exist (such as Mr Begg, an innocent man who has still not heard the charges against him -- doesn't that shame you? Not even that?) and the ones that do that you allowed to operate for years without hurting them or their backers, about 9/11, about the environment, where they claim that there is no global warming (for fuck's sake! We are maybe 15 years from a catastrophe that will be utterly irreversible and so wide-ranging that "turr" will be dwarfed as an issue so much that you will laugh at the idea we used to worry about it), that they are in favour of educating your children (but do not fund it), that the world does not matter, only them and their campaign to suck it dry.

You have stopped being people we can love. Do you understand the depths of stupidity you have to plumb for that not to matter?

Yes, I'm a partisan. I believe in my fellow human beings. I believe they have a right to a share. I believe in creating opportunities for all to share in this wonderful world. I'm a partisan for loving your neighbour, for working together to solve our problems, for science, for rationality, for reaching out and touching one another.

I'm a partisan for humanity. Fuck anyone who isn't. Fuck those who think they are islands and cannot be touched.

Vote Kerry. Or stand condemned as one of the fucking idiots who gave the worst president ever to disgrace your nation a second term.


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