Wednesday, April 07, 2004

The other side

Reading this and this confront me with something stunning. There are people who believe "The very existence of God is denied by evolution". Dude, you have to change your god.

When you are faced with a choice between accepting the immutable facts that lie in front of you, what you can see with your own eyes, what can be shown -- if not proved, still shown -- in millions of specifics and denying them all because some guy wrote a book that said otherwise a couple of thousand years ago, only one course is reasonable.

"Christians who believe in an old Earth (billions of years) need to come to grips with the real nature of the god of an old Earth—-it is not the loving God of the Bible."

The Earth *is* billions of years old. Either that is true or your god created a world just so it would look that way.

Of course, all these people do is argue from conclusion backwards (the opposite way to the scientific method, which, although it frames the question with a hypothesis, does not seek solely to confirm what it knows but rather to find out what it doesn't). They believe in a loving God of the Bible, blah de blah, and what they see must conform to that. They have to deny our whole world to do it but it's a small price to be paid, they reckon, to be saved from sin and death.

Sigh. Well, we do have to die. It's an unfortunate but real truth. It would be good to escape it. But someone once said that fearing what cannot be undone is foolishness. Instead of denying life and the infinite, exciting creation that we actually live in -- and what's more, trying to have our schools train our children also to deny it -- we should take a deep breath and plunge in. Time is short. Three score and ten, ish, and so much to learn.


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