Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Faking it with Belle

Belle de Jour talks in the Telegraph. I commented on LinkMachineGo and I repeat the comment here, because I'm too lazy to do a proper post about it.

"The usual classics: Bede, Ivanhoe"? Yeah, right.

Hilarious stuff.

There are quite a few dissonances, I think. I wouldn't lump together Greer and Davis, for instance. I'd hardly describe Euripides as a "bedside standard" either.

Neither did Huxley write much "psychedelic scifi disguised as literature". You'd never characterise him that way unless you had read nothing but Brave New World.

This article was not written by the blogger, I think. The scattergun literary boasting and a couple of idioms strike me as American. The blog is written by someone English.


LinkMachineGo also links to Sarah Champion's Belle page, which is good fun. Ms Champion was never going to turn out to be Belle -- if she were, Belle would be more of a raver, less of an aesthete.


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