Sunday, February 16, 2014

How Channel 10 sucked my balls and lived to tell the tale

Guess what? There’s an Australian couple in the ice dance. No, really. Did I tell you there’s an Australian couple in the ice dance?

Oh and and, amazing news, Chumpy’s going to win the snowboard cross! What? Me either. But he’s going to win! An Aussie! I came. Are you coming yet? Yes, he fell over last time. But he’s going to win this time! Or fall over. But mostly WIN. Let’s watch the profile they’re showing every hour. What? You think sports shows should feature actual sports? How quaint. There’s an Aussie who is GOING TO WIN. Who cares about silly things like sliding on a teatray or hockey on ice? Who cares about nonsense like skiing round flags or any sort of skating? There’s a man who is going to get on a skateboard and do something AND WIN. And get this, he’s an Australian. Yes, a citizen of our country. Isn’t it great? We are going to WIN.

Oh and did I tell you there’s an Australian couple in the ice dance?


At 10:27 am, Anonymous Looney said...

So in other words, they went to the USAian school of international sports broadcasting?


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