Friday, October 25, 2013


I read a couple of liberal comment websites and occasionally follow a link from Facebook and read the threads that develop there. But I have to say, I have just about had enough of what you might call "ohmagaddery". I mean, how many stories do you read that seem like they should be prefaced by "ohmagad". They are such boring points of entry to critiques of the media or the mostly boring pranceurs who the media concerns itself with.

Ohmagad, some chick got her photo banned from Instagram because it features spider legs.
Ohmagad, some other chick waggled her bum on a television music show.
Ohmagad, racist media blah blah gypsies blah blah blonde kid.
Ohmagad, niqab hijab Christian prayer in school ohmagad ohmagad.

It's like we're all in a perennial fainting fit, brought about by the continual refusal of the rest of the world to be as nice as we are.

It's enough to make you become a conservative because being a liberal has become not much more than the pursuit of oneuppersonship, as we all stroke our hipster beards en route to a smug nirvana where we are all in touch with women's sexuality and where your coffee is sourced is actually important.


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