Thursday, December 31, 2009

We speak

Did we begin with song, something we sang to ourselves as we worked, because we had realised what boredom was and wanted to fill it with sound? Or was the first speaker a mother who sang her baby to sleep?

We know that we rarely say anything to each other, because every message must have a receiver and we rarely listen. We are just taking comfort in words, what we can spin them into, messages we believe should thrill, but know are only thrilling to ourselves.

I was thinking what I had been doing this year, and the answer is, reading. Only in the past month or so have I read any fiction. The rest has been nonfiction: current affairs, science, philosophy, whatever. I feel dumber for it. I have drowned in countless words.


So I don't do resolutions but I'm going to cut down the time I spend reading and spend a bit more time doing.

Well, I say I don't do resolutions, but I am doing "acceptances". I'm going to accept some things about my life and allow the consequences. For instance, in poker, I'm going to accept that I play at a certain level and win. I have some ability but less than I would have hoped at this stage in my learning, which is an outcome of being unfocused in learning. So I've held myself back and that's what I do. I won't bore you with the consequences of that.

I'm also going to accept that people in service positions are not generally looking for reasons not to serve me, or at least not me particularly. That's the tip of an iceberg but I don't want to write about the iceberg until it has melted.

There's some other stuff but I'm going to keep that to myself. Like anyone cares!


At 1:29 pm, Anonymous Father Luke said...

If you are going to be doing, let me offer that it's best you stay away from FaceBook.

I thought this was interesting. . .


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