Thursday, October 22, 2009

About K

Dear you

In my dream, we are sitting on a park bench laughing, pretending that we are strangers telling each other jokes. You are more beautiful in my dream than you ever were, but that simply reflects the reality that you have ripened like a pear in the sun.

But I will not dream about you any more. The monkey forbids it. He knows that I do not deserve the comfort of dreams. You know it too and I'm sorry for that.

Just for a moment, foolishly, I believed he was wrong. I believed that you would choose to love me and the broken pieces of my life would be reassembled into a shape that was not hideous. I do not wish you had not made me believe that. I only wish you had not been so weak. It is the only thing I didn't like about you. Do you remember I wrote about it?

I was right. Sick read, eh? I'm sorry that I don't have any more poems in me for you. I'm just not feeling inspired today.


wail and weep

creep into my arms
unravel all
your splendid charms

I know a word.
I know a joke about
how all I had
spilled about
I know a good joke.

we're like sheep
bound into life
by a million words
commitments & promises
we can't let go,

and what we truly feel
we cannot let it show.

wail and weep, creep,
your motherfucking heart is weak.

But I know
that when once you look
into the depths
of where you want to be
you will see,

you will still want me.



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