Friday, October 09, 2009

A man of peace?


There is absolutely no way Barack Obama, who has continued Bush's "war on terror", should be given the Nobel Peace Prize. It's as bad as Kissinger.

Almost every day, we read about American planes and troops murdering civilians in Afghan villages. Far from seeking peace in Afghanistan, Obama has extended the war there. Read the article! "He is currently considering whether to increase troop numbers in Afghanistan". This is a man of peace! Nor has he ended the war in Iraq. America is still there, still killing.

He has called for nuclear disarmament, which is great, but as far as I know, he has disbanded not a single nuclear weapon.

Worst of all, Obama has backed a policy of "preventive detention". He's for banging up men forever without any trial. This is a man of peace!

Okay, it was a dodgy field. Piedad Cordoba has question marks over her integrity; Ingrid Betancourt would have been slightly controversial too; Hu Jia is not really a peacemaker and choosing him would severely upset the Chinese, but probably made the best choice. But Obama? Ugh.


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