Thursday, August 20, 2009


Something crazy and I don't know whether it is good or bad, but it's different happened, and there's a scent of pears in the air.

It will end in tears, I know, but still they could be tears of joy. What else is worth pursuing in this world? I have never found anything I wanted more than to love and be loved. The rest is hollow and joyless, but if I have smiles and kisses, I have gold. That's what I believe, and if you believe it too, you are a friend of mine, and so long as that is what we are trying to achieve for each other, how can we go wrong?

Well, we can go wrong, I know. We can hurt each other and others, and few of us at heart want that. But I believe that a good heart counts. I can't surrender that belief, and I can't surrender my belief that love is all, and that whatever we do to increase each other's happiness, if it is done out of our common affection, cannot be judged amiss in any tribunal.